Temple Audio's unique perf pattern allows for a customized pedal layout using our Quick Release Pedal Mounting System . Made from lightweight powder-coated aluminum, it's a modular system for artists to perfect their setup and take it with them. Professional quality meets a well-engineered solution. 

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SOLO Series

The minimalist.

Light it up  

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DUO Series

The hobbyist.

Duel it out 

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TRIO Series

The professional.

Rock on

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Quick Release Pedal Mounting System

The perf pattern allows you to mount pedals and manage cables all in one. Simply attach a mounting plate to your pedal and secure it to the board using the thumbscrew. The pedals will stay square and firmly in place. No twisting, no wobble.

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Modular End Panels

Every Templeboard is set up to be unique to the artist using it. We've created a selection of MODs to make that process as easy and functional as possible. Route your audio path, power your pedals, quickly change inputs/outputs, and more. Temple MODs can easily change the way you use your board.

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